28 August 2007

Back from Europe

Well, I made it back from Europe in one piece, no thanks to hell-on-Earth aka Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport. Anyway, I'll have much to say soon, but I'll preview with a random pic. More to come later ...

15 August 2007

Erik in Europe, Part 1

So I'm currently sitting on the floor in the Dusseldorf airport waiting to go to Helsinki and I thought I would point out a few things already:

1. My blogger account is showing all the instructions/menus in German.
2. My iBook has decided that this is an excellent time to start having logic board problems ... again! Luckily, I got approval to teach a Freshman Research Seminar, which comes with $1500 that I can spent on a computer, which I will be doing (unless Apple gives me a shiny new one because my iBook logic board, between the two they've given me already, has failed SIX TIMES).
3. I tried to buy a cheap mobile phone and could not get my phone card to work with it. I have no idea if I'm just an idiot, or AT&T are a bunch of liars or maybe the girl I bought it from in the airport was just confused, but I gave up. I just left the phone with the confused girl because I didn't want to drag around a phone that I couldn't call the US with, and who am I going to call in Germany? That's 10 euros (~$15) down the drain.
4. Speaking of down the drain, I am currently paying $10/hr to access the internet here at the airport.
5. Being in Germany marks the first time I've been in a country where I don't speak the language (considering I speak only Spanish and English). I do not like it at all. For one, I feel like the Ugly American when I have to admit to only speaking English. Two, I feel completely confused by very many things. The airport at least has signs in English and German, but the episode with the phone was an utter disaster.

Hopefully Helsinki will be more forgiving ... now, I think I will "Post Veroffentlichen" this post.

13 August 2007

So It Begins...

I leave tomorrow morning for my trip to Finland and Germany. The Finnish portion is merely for fun, the German will involve a conference, but conferences are always sort of fun, so its all good. It would give me some time to not think about this or at least attempt to not think about it).

I've packed my iPod with about 20 episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus along with 2 episodes of James Burke's excellent Connections. I have all sorts of goodies on my laptop, but I don't think the battery is what it used to be. Hope Delta is showing something interesting on my flight from Atlanta to Dusseldorf. Then I'm off to Helsinki where I plan to visit a fort, frequent record shops, buy a soccer jersey and try to see what I can see. I'll try to post pictures when I can ...

07 August 2007

New Top 10

Busy with preparation for my meeting in Cologne and my trip to Helsinki next week. I'm hoping to be able to update with pictures while I'm in Europe ... we'll see.

Here's my current iPod top 10:
1 "Pussy'ole (Old Skool)" by Dizzee Rascal
2 "Jack the Ripper" (Demo) by The Horrors
3 "The Heinrich Maneuver" by Interpol
4 "Fast Car" by Xiu Xiu
5 "Heart It Races" by Architecture in Helsinki
6 "The Magic Position" by Patrick Wolf
7 "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" by the Wu-Tang Clan
8 "Illustrate the History" by BOAT
9 "They Got Away" by Built to Spill
10 "Failsafe" by the New Pornographers

04 August 2007

Passport Saga, Part 3

My passport arrived today! My faith in government has returned, albeit a faith based on persistent nagging, intervention of congress and extreme stress. Does that count?

02 August 2007


I got radium data today! Huzzah! Take that Becquerel!

Oh yes, new TIG review too...

Chemical Brothers - We are the Night (Hint: I trash it).

01 August 2007

KG makes Papi look small

This amuses me. New Celtic Kevin Garnett makes Big Papi look like a little man.