25 July 2006

on sabbatical

the blog is on sabbatical until 8/5/2006.

moving will do that.

18 July 2006

Slight update

I'm a little busy with moving and all, but I thought I'd post a iPod Top 10 ...

10 Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
9 Open Book - the Rakes
8 Pull Shapes - the Pipettes
7 Cocaine Blues (Live) - Johnny Cash
6 What Do I Get? - the Buzzcocks
5 Blue Light (Engineers' Anti-Gravity Mix) - Bloc Party
4 Bad Education - Tilly & the Wall
3 No Culture Icons - the Thermals
2 Insistor - Tapes n' Tapes
1 We are the Pipettes - the Pipettes


09 July 2006

Italy. Woo.

So Italy won the world cup. Woo.

However, what is interesting is the similarity between the World Cup trophy and the posters for Spielberg's War of the Worlds.

World Cup Trophy:

War of the Worlds:

I blame the Illuminati.

Oh yeah, California is hot.

03 July 2006

Top 10 Update

It's getting increasingly odd. Sorry.

10 San Quentin (Live) by Johnny Cash
9 Dirt Off Your Shoulder by Jay-Z
8 Someday You Will Be Loved by Death Cab for Cutie
7 What Do I Get? by the Buzzcocks
6 Hips Don't Lie (Bamboo FIFA World Cup 2006 Remix) by Shakira
5 All Too Human by the Rakes
4 Open Book by the Rakes
3 Pull Shapes by the Pipettes
2 Cocaine Blues (Live) by Johnny Cash
1 Bad Education by Tilly & the Wall


In California

I'm in Davis right now, looking for a place to live. I HATE looking for housing. I need my big payout so I can buy a place ... Ah, someday.

Anyway, my internet is sporadic (at a coffee house called Mishka's ... and how can I not think of Firefly at this point). We'll see what happens.

Have I mentioned how good Johnny Cash's version of "Cocaine Blues" from Live at Folsom Prison is? Honestly, when people complain that modern hip-hop is too violent, just have them listen to this gem: early one morning while making the rounds/I took a shot of cocaine and shot my woman down/I went right home and I went to bed/I stuck that lovin' '44 beneath my head.

Ah, Mr. Cash.

Look! A blurry pic of Mt. Shasta in the evening. Nothing like driving and shooting. Mr. Cash would be proud.