03 July 2006

In California

I'm in Davis right now, looking for a place to live. I HATE looking for housing. I need my big payout so I can buy a place ... Ah, someday.

Anyway, my internet is sporadic (at a coffee house called Mishka's ... and how can I not think of Firefly at this point). We'll see what happens.

Have I mentioned how good Johnny Cash's version of "Cocaine Blues" from Live at Folsom Prison is? Honestly, when people complain that modern hip-hop is too violent, just have them listen to this gem: early one morning while making the rounds/I took a shot of cocaine and shot my woman down/I went right home and I went to bed/I stuck that lovin' '44 beneath my head.

Ah, Mr. Cash.

Look! A blurry pic of Mt. Shasta in the evening. Nothing like driving and shooting. Mr. Cash would be proud.

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