29 October 2007

2007 World Champion Boston Red Sox

Well, I've had most of a day now to digest the Red Sox winning yet another World Series. This is still stunning to me. Five years ago I was skeptical that they would win a World Series in my lifetime and if someone would have told me that by 2008 they would have 2 World Series under their belt, well, I would assume that this person was (a) insane or (b) a time traveler (or (c) both). Yet, here we are. On one hand, the 2007 edition wasn't as cathartic as the 2004 edition, but on the other hand, the 2007 edition was more satisfying because of the amount of homegrown talent the Sox used to get here. I mean, we saw 6 rookies play important roles for the Sox in this series: Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, Manny Delcarmen, Jon Lester, Hideki Okajima and Daisuke Matsuzaka (yes, I know the last two played in Japan. Whatever). This is in stark contrast to the old folks of the 2004 team. I really like what the future holds for the Red Sox now, even with less-than-exciting contract such as J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo - who did, mind you, kick it up several notches in the playoffs. Next year we can look forward to a rotation that might be Josh Beckett (the new Curt Schilling), Matsuzaka, Clay Buchholz, Lester and Tim Wakefield. Can't complain about that. And with a closer like Jonathan Papelbon, the type of closer the Red Sox have never had, with the killer pitches and lunatic mentality, they could be set for a few years to come. This is an exciting time to be a Red Sox fan and whether you like it or not, we'll be showing up at your ballparks in droves next season yet again.

28 October 2007




Game 4 ...

Two words: Finish it!

27 October 2007

Game 3

Let's keep it going!
UPDATE 10:17 PM - Sox win 10-5. They lead 3-0. You know what that means, right? Go Sox!

25 October 2007

On to Game 2

Keep it up.

UPDATE: 2-1 Sox. Schill, Oki and Paps were masterful. On to Denver ... and victory!

24 October 2007

2007 World Series!

The World Series start tonight. My bold prediction:
Boston 4 - Colorado 2
World Series MVP? Find out.

Let's get the mojo working.

UPDATE - 9:12PM Pacific: 13-1. Wow, stunning. The Rockies didn't bother to show up I guess. Go Sox!

22 October 2007

Sox vs. Rox

Ok, so call me "ye of little faith." The Sox came back with a vengeance and took out the Indians 11-2 in game 7.
Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis (left) personally crushed the Indians spirit. Good times!

Now we get the miracle kids, the Colorado Rockies. It will be a hard series, but I think the Sox pull it out in 6 games.

A new TIG review, too:
Plan B: Who Needs Action When You Have Words

21 October 2007

2007 AL Champion Boston Red Sox



I love Dustin. I love Youk. I love 'em all.

It comes down to this...

19 October 2007

Game 6, Back in Boston

I'll try to keep the mojo working.
UPDATE 10/21: Curt did not fail us. Game 7 is on.

Also, two new TIG reviews

Beirut - The Flying Club Cup
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Baby 81

And here's my current iPod Top 10
1 Almost Ready - Dinosaur Jr.
2 Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo - Jens Lekman
3 Foundations - Kate Nash
4 Pussy'ole (Old Skool) - Dizzee Rascal
5 Daydreamin' - Lupe Fiasco
6 Girls and Boys in Love - the Rumble Strips
7 Geld Essen - K.I.Z.
8 The Opposite of Hallelujah - Jens Lekman
9 Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
10 The Punks Are Writing Love Songs - Tullycraft

18 October 2007

Here's to hoping ...

EDIT, 9 PM Pacific: Beckett didn't let me down. 7-1 Sox, we live to see game 6.

16 October 2007

ALCS hasn't gone exactly as planned

I wish I could be optimistic about the state of the Red Sox, but things are looking a little bleak, I have to say that.

And although I'm not a big fan of the Sox losing, I'd have to say it hurts a lot less than if it were the Yankers. (It also helps that a bunch of my favorite non-Red Sox players are on the Indians like Grady Sizemore, Ryan Garko, Jhonny Peralta, Victor Martinez, Trot Nixon, Fausto Carmona ... that being said, I still want the Sox to come back).

Moving the wheels of history

I'm trying to ignore how flat the Red Sox seem right now. La la la!

Congrats to the Rockies, though, for blowing into the World Series. They seem like the Team of Destiny (tm)

Otherwise, this clip from The Office (US Version) made me stop breathing:

(The image is linked to youtube... enjoy!)

11 October 2007

New Review and AL/NL CS Predictions

I did a first-impression review of the new, download only Radiohead album for TIG... The long and short is I like it a lot.

Radiohead - In Rainbows.

Here is my current iPod Top 10 too...
10 Flashlight Fight - the Go! Team
9 Cliquot - Beirut
8 The Punks are Writing Love Songs - Tullycraft
7 Pussy'ole (Old Skool) - Dizzee Rascal
6 Girls and Boys in Love - the Rumble Strips
5 Stronger - Kanye West
4 Geld Essen - K.I.Z.
3 Daydreamin' - Lupe Fiasco
2 Foundations - Kate Nash
1 The Opposite of Hallelujah - Jens Lekman

As for baseball, my predictions are

Red Sox 4 - Indians 3
Rockies 4 - Diamondbacks 2

01 October 2007

MLB Postseason (Part 1)

I sent this to a couple friends, but I might as well post in publicly:

Rockies win the Wild Card tiebreaker 5-4 over the Padres

Red Sox over Angels, 3-1
Indians over Yankers, 3-2
Cubs over Diamondbacks, 3-2
Phillies over Rockies, 3-2

That leaves NL and AL Championships Series of Red Sox-Indians and Cubs-Phillies. Talk about drama! So many accursed or formerly accursed teams. Wow, that would be great.