16 April 2008

Barry Zito

I'm going on record to say Barry Zito (SF Giants) will lose 20 games in 2008. Why?

Well, for one, he isn't the pitcher that won the Cy Young 5 years ago. Secondly, the Giants are terrible. Thirdly, he's their #1 starter and durable, so he'll make most if not all of his starts.

Now, I don't have the time right now to check, but how many Cy Young winners have also lost 20 games in a single season? Good question...

11 April 2008

Reviews Reviews and Reviews ... sort of ...

Busy week with traveling and labwork and such.

TIG has posted a bunch of new review ... actually they're part of a chopped up pile of reviews, thus their relative shortness.
Except the first one, which is the normal, overly wordy length:

Los Campesinos! - Hold On Now, Youngster (excellent!)
Ghostland Observatory - Robotique Majestique (trainwreck!)
Club 8 - The Boy Who Wouldn't Stop Dreaming
Dylan Mondegreen - While I Walk You Home
Mini People in Coney Island - Nara Dreamland
Rafter - Sex Death Cassette
Wire - Read & Burn 03

Here is my current iPod Top 10:
1 Under Pressure - Xiu Xiu
2 Rubicon - The Blistering Suns
3 Avantcore - Busdriver
4 Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend
5 Shake a Fist - Hot Chip
6 Allure - Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G.
7 Aspidistra - Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
8 Death to Los Campesinos - Los Campesinos!
9 Snake Mistakes - Dan Deacon
10 Machine Gun - Portishead

Oh yes, and this weekend is the first Red Sox-Yankees series of the year. What fun!

08 April 2008

It's Opening Day at Fenway

The Red Sox get their 2007 World Series Champion rings today.

And if that is not cool enough, the Sox are exorcising their demons for good by having none other than Bill Buckner throw out the first pitch. Its good to see him agree to do it and I'm sure he'll get a very warm welcome at Fenway.

05 April 2008

Charlton Heston 1924-2008

Charlton Heston died today at the age of 84.

Heston might be one of the greatest science fiction actors of all time, starring in Planet of the Apes(as Taylor, left), Soylent Green and The Omega Man, the trifecta of classic sci-fi from the '70s. He was also politically active - and contrary to Michael Moore's portrayal, on both sides of the political spectrum. Yes, he was the president of the National Rifle Association, but he was also an active crusader for civil rights. He was one of the last of the "Golden Age" actors of Hollywood yesteryear.

Very few actors could talk to themselves and act barechested like Charlton.

Charlton with Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte on the Lincoln Memorial. (right)