27 July 2007

Passport Blues

Busy week in the lab.
Anybody know how to get one's passport processing to speed up short of getting the President to show up to force their hand? I'm getting a little nervous now that its been 10 weeks.

Here is my iPod top 10:

1 Pussy'ole (Old Skool) by Dizzee Rascal
2 Jack the Ripper (Demo Version) by the Horrors
3 Fast Car by Xiu Xiu
4 The Magic Position by Patrick Wolf
5 (Bloody Paw on the) Kill Floor by Busdriver
6 Almost Ready by Dinosaur Jr.
7 The Heinrich Maneuver by Interpol
8 Da Mystery of Chessboxin' by the Wu-Tang Clan
9 Fists Up by the Blow
10 Baby Fratelli by the Fratellis


Mike said...

A friend of mine just went through this passport mess. He called everyday until he got an answer. He ended up getting his passport the day before he left for his trip. So my advice is if it has been 10 weeks, to call and call again.

However, not to get annoyingly political on you, but let this be a lesson to all you liberals. If the government cannot handle getting passports out in a timely fashion, then how do you expect them to provide healthcare for 300 million people? What a mess waiting to happen that is.

erik said...

Ah, but remember that this passport processing was outsourced to Citigroup, proving if you want to make government work worse, just let it privatize!