05 June 2008


Oddly enough, Philadelphia International Airport does not suck. I know, I know, it might suck when you're stuck in it for hours, but its customer service, at least from me was great. How so?

Well, after going through security, I had to walk down two gates to find a place to sit to put my shoes back on (OK, that was a demerit for PHL). Afterwards, being the idiot that I am, I left my camera bag with my new, $600 Nikon D40 DSLR with the accompanying zoom lens behind. I didn't realize I had been parted with the camera until my flight to Houston was boarding, so I rushed around trying to find it. Finally, I called the PHL Lost & Found and luckily for me, they had found my lost camera bag! At first, they asked when I'd be back in Philly (uh, never?) and then asked if I had time to go to the communications center (on the other side of security ... sorry, no), but neither of those options worked. So, much to my surprise, they offered to mail it to me in California.

Now, I wasn't holding my breath that it would (a) arrive and (b) in one piece. However, about a week after leaving the camera behind, it arrived in Davis, packed neatly in a box with bubblewrap and all. So, huzzah on PHL and its Lost & Found department. You are a gem in a field of abysmal Customer Service!

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Jesse said...

Heh - I flew through Philly on Thursday and again today. In addition to the obnoxiously long security line, it was the usual hot, crowded, smelly, annoying airport I missed so much. Glad to hear you had a better experience!