19 June 2006

Off to Massachusetts and the fun begins

Well, I think we can safely say SOTD is on an extended hiatus. Sorry, it happens sometimes, and that sometime is right now. Little too busy/panicked/running screaming through the halls to feel like I'm producing anything but meaningless root marm.

Anyway, I'm in Boston for a week, then back to Seattle, then off to Davis, then back to Seattle, then back to Davis (for good). La la la!

Entertain yourself with...

A new review: Radio 4 - Enemies Like This (Hey, it's even a not so good review)


This gem I found going through some old packs of 1990 Upper Deck Baseball cards. Ah yes, proof yet again of the unending torment that is being a Red Sox fan (or possible just being the goat of the '86 World Series).

Catch you all later!

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