29 December 2006

Back west

I made it back from the east coast the other day and know I'm just trying to relax a little before a quarter of labwork. I'll be posting my "Best of 2006" very soon ... it just needs a few more tweaks, but I thought I'd at least post my top 10 from my iPod. I probably got too many CDs when I was in Boston (gifts: XTC, Jarvis Cocker; purchase: Band of Horses, Bright Eyes, Bon Savants, Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Mittens) but ah well, what can you do. Today is dominated for me by a lot of nervous (good) anticipation about picking a certain someone up from the airport and heading to Big Lou's housewarming in Oakland (which will feature "Once More With Feeling"!)

Current iPod Top 10
10 Between the Moon & the Ocean - Bon Savants
9 Here's Your Future - the Thermals
8 Devil's Pie - Rhymefest
7 Pull Shapes - the Pipettes
6 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Death Cab for Cutie
5 This Sentence Will Save/Ruin Your Life - Born Ruffians
4 The Funeral - Band of Horses
3 Parentheses - the Blow
2 Blood - Klashnekoff
1 True Affection - the Blow

Two things to watch when you get a chance:
- The video for the new Bloc Party song "The Prayer" is kind of messed up.
- Somehow I missed this live performance of "Wake Up" by David Bowie & the Arcade Fire.

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Jesse said...

wow! a bloodfist-suggested song already at #5?!?! i'm honored...