02 January 2007

Best of 2006 - Finally

So here it is, my best albums of 2006 ... enjoy!

Top 20 of 2006
(song of choice in italics)

1 – Islands: Return to the Sea
With what could be the only Islands record, these ex-Unicorns recorded the most diverse and enjoyable album of the year.
Where There’s a Will There’s a Whalebone
2 – The Blow: Paper Television
The dark horse candidate, an album that is the most infectious electro-pop gem since Give Up, but with less pain and more angst.
3 – Art Brut: Bang Bang Rock and Roll
Gives you faith that rock and roll still exists.
Emily Kane
4 – Xiu Xiu: The Air Force
A f&%ked-up, disconcerting and disturbing masterpiece of noise.
Boy Soprano
5 – Suburban Kids with Biblical Names: #3
Jens Lekman meets the Beta Band. Possibly the most fun with your clothes on all year.
Seems to be on My Mind

6 – The Knife: Silent Shout
The best Bjork album Bjork never recorded. Dark, sinister and truly disquieting – but in a good way.
We Share Our Mothers’ Health
7 – The Pipettes: We Are the Pipettes
Total throwback, but who can resist three British ladies with matching dresses singing about sex. No one, that’s who.
Pull Shapes
8 – TV on the Radio: Return to Cookie Mountain
The oddest major label debut of the year, with no compromises from moving up to the big leagues.
I Was a Lover
9 – The Strokes: First Impressions of Earth
Ok, I might be the only person who thinks that this is the best Strokes album, but it is. Honestly.

10 – Clipse: Hell Hath No Fury
For what seems to be 10 years in the making, the Clipse were well worth the wait. Minimalist hip-hop by the Neptunes at its best, dark and sneering.
Hello New World
11 – Mates of State: Bring It Back
Like U Crazy
12 – The Decemberists: The Crane Wife
The Shankill Butchers
13 – The Thermals: The Body, The Blood, The Machine
Here’s Your Future
14 – Jarvis Cocker: Jarvis
Baby’s Coming Back to Me

15 – Built to Spill: You in Reverse
Goin’ Against Your Mind
16 – Tilly & the Wall: Bottom of Barrels
Bad Education
17 – Bon Savants: Post Rock Defends the Nation
Between the Moon and the Ocean
18 – The Rakes: Capture/Release
19 – Tapes ‘n Tapes: The Loon
20 – Math & Physics Club: Math & Physics Club
April Showers

Honorable Mention
Johnny Cash: American V; Various: Dave Chapelle’s Block Party; Hot Chip: The Warning; Band of Horses: Everything All the Time; The Rapture: Pieces of The People We Love; Gothic Archies: Tragic Treasury; Jose Gonzalez: Veneer; Shake Some Action!: Shake Some Action!; Bonnie “Prince” Billy: The Letting Go; Various: Plague Songs

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