04 January 2007

Something else new to read

Here is a new TIG review to enjoy ... its a double-duty review!
The Walkmen - A Hundred Miles Off and "Pussycats" starring the Walkmen.

I think thats all for now except for some reason I'd love to see Joel Piniero as the Red Sox closer, mostly because it makes no sense to me. Yes, let's have someone who has gotten worse for the last 5 years, has no stuff and had an ERA of 4.61 as a reliever last year as the closer. Hmmm. Maybe Bill James sees something I don't. Ah well.


Jonathan said...

Bill James is omniscient!

biglou said...

The thing I saw in BP said that it wasn't Bill James, it was new Red Sox Special Assistant Allard Baird! He scouted Piniero, and saw something "closer"-y about him.
That's right: Allard Baird.