03 April 2007

Argh to academics

I'm beginning to wonder if a career is academics is just constant rejection. Rejected from faculty searches, rejected from fellowships, rejected from grant proposals, rejected from paper submissions. Heck, I think I'm 0-for-50 for job applications (well, I guess I do have my current job) but otherwise I look like the career batting average of a AL pitcher. Do I have to crack some secret club code or invent cold fusion to get a job? Maddening I say, maddening.

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biglou said...

Dude, that sucks big time. I have to remember to not mention your struggles in front of my ladyfriend, as she worries enough about finding a job in academia as it is. For some one who gets rejected all the time, you seem to be doing pretty well for yourself, though, so hopefully it's just a break in the action.