01 June 2007

Wow, an even longer pause

Alright, yes, I've neglected the blog for a while. May was a very busy month, and as I mentioned before, most of my blogging energy has been focused to Three Imaginary Girls. However, I'm going to try to be a little more diligent here, focusing back on science & baseball. Yeah! If you're curious what I've been busy with, here it is: 1 NSF Proposal on zircon that involved collecting a whole bunch of data before writing; 1 Final submission of a paper to Bulletin of Volcanology - finally accepted for publication!; 1 massive editing-fest for another paper that will be headed for a special volume being published by the Royal Society of Edinburgh; 1 proposal to teach a research seminar on "Volcanoes and Human Culture" and 1 day (a solid 24 hours) of running samples on the SHRIMP-RG at Stanford. Yeah, a little busy. In fact, I finally got back to reviewing CDs only this week after about a month of nothing. I'll try to compile a list of reviews since I last listed a review and post that in a bit.

Anyway, anybody notice that the Red Sox are an MLB best 36-16, with a 10 game lead on the second place (wait for it) Baltimore Orioles (?!) and a mere 13.5 games up on the (wait for it) last place New York Yankees? Go figure. It's been one of the strangest seasons to be a Red Sox fan in a long time ... and they're 20 games over .500 with no hitting from J.D. Drew (.226 AVE), Julio Lugo (.291 OBP), Coco Crisp (.229 AVE) and only so-so output from Manny and Big Papi. Heck, Mike Lowell has the team lead in HR with 10, yet somehow the team has one of the best offenses in the league. And the pitching has been sharp too, even with Matsuzaka's ups and downs. Crazy!

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