01 February 2008

Super Bowl!

Big Superbowl weekend. 18-0 Patriots versus some team for New York with some other Manning. They're like the Wayans of the NFL. OK, well, not really, but anyway, I'll work some mojo here.

Gotta love Wes Welker.

Anyway, here is a new TIG review:

And an updated iPod top 10
1 The Blistering Suns : Rubicon (Edit: Sure, change your name after I post this!)
2 Busdriver : Avantcore
3 The Toothaches : Sophia
4 Timbaland (with the Hives) : Throw It On Me
5 Vampire Weekend : A-Punk
6 Xiu Xiu : Under Pressure
7 Bloc Party : Hunting for Witches
8 Die Fantastischen Vier : Einfach Sein
9 Hot Chip: Shake a Fist
10 K.I.Z. : In Der Nacht

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