06 February 2008

Torchwood Season 2 and Super Duper Tuesday

So, I've decided to watch season two of Torchwood. I'm not entirely sure why as I wasn't entirely impressed with season one, but hey, you have to try to forgive and forget. I suppose season one did end relatively strong and the crossover (well, with Captain Jack) to the end of the brilliant end to season three of Doctor Who, I was hopeful.

Of course, the other draw for season two of Torchwoodwas the introduction of Captain John Hart, portrayed by none other than James Marsters. Yes, Spike has work again, which is great. OK, well, his work involves him playing more-or-less the same character on Torchwood as he did on BtVS minus the whole blood-sucking thing, but hey, thats is why we like Marsters faux-British characters: they're like the Billy Idol we wished existed (beyond the final scenes of The Wedding Singer).

Not to give too much away, Captain Jack and Captain John are both former Time Agents that worked together ("for two weeks" Captain Jack says, but they were caught in a time rift, so it was really 5 years). Beyond that, I won't get into it other than that Marsters is great and the chemistry between John Barrowman (Captain Jack) and Marsters is incredible (especially if you've always fantasized about Spike and Angel making out). However, what it did make me realize is the real reason Torchwood sort of sucks: Captain Jack's gang - the actors specifically - aren't very interesting or good. Sure, they're all adequate, but they are all so one-dimensional characters. When that is combined with the fact that none of the actors do anything to expand the characters (except that Yanto's character is a little more snarky in season two so far ... nice touch), I'm left with Captain Jack/John Barrowman trying to keep the whole series afloat, and as much as I love Barrowman, Captain Jack as a character just can't do it. Combine him with the Doctor, he's great. By himself, he needs someone to play off of, and Captain John/Marsters was exactly that. It is sad that I loved episode 1 of season two, but episode 2 left me getting bored again just like season 1 did. Well, at least Captain John makes multiple appearances this season!

In non-sci fi nerd news, I'm disappointed that Hillary Clinton won the California primary ... and by a decent margin. I'm still behind my man Barack, and the primaries in the mid-Atlantic states over the next few weeks will be telling.

That being said, Obama did put on quite a showing on Super Duper Tuesday, winning more states that Clinton and actually overtaking her in the delegate count, depending on the hypermath you use to calculate it ...

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