21 December 2005

Damon is a MFY

Ok, well, I wanted to avoid posting about this, but I can't get around it.

Johnny Damon signed with the Yankers for 4Y/52M.

If the news folks are to be believed, that a full $12 MILLION higher than the Red Sox 4Y/40M offer. And with that sort of ridiculous overspending, I'm glad Damon went to the Yankers. Why spend that much on a 32 year old CF who can't throw? He'll be a LF by the time the contract ends (at best). Now, there isn't a lot of good CF options in the FA markeet right now (Encarnacion? Preston Wilson? Jamal Strong? You get the idea) and althought I like the Jeremy Reed-for-Clement deal that been suggested, I don't think its apt to happen. However, I don't think that not signing Damon is the "colossal mistake" that some people think (well, Buster Olney, who's a schill for the Yankers anyway). Sure, in 2006 Damon might be worth $13M, but in the long run of the whole contract, this is like the Yankers replacing Bernie Williams with, well, Bernie Williams.

Of course, many Sox fans are moaning and claiming that the management doesn't have a plan. I think that this non-signing is exactly within their plan: rebuild the team with good, young players. The Sox have acquired this winter one of the best young pitchers in baseball (Josh Beckett), the #1 prospect in baseball (Andy Marte) and have a cadre of great young pitchers in their farm system like Jon Papelbon, John Lester, Craig Hansen & Edgar Martinez. They think Dustin Pedroia should be ready to start at 2B by 2007. Kevin Youkilis will likely be the starting 1B in 2006. Sure, the team has holes right now, but (1) its December! and (2) unless you're the Yankers, with a $250M payroll, everyone has to be creative. Go sign a Matt LeCroy to platoon at first. Go trade for a Brad Wilkerson to play CF. I know many Sox fans can't stand the idea of rebuilding, but look at the 2005 Indians? That's how a team is built for a long run of success, not by signing aging OF for too much $ and too many years.

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