18 April 2006

Major League Turnover

Just for kicks, I checked how many players are left on the World Series winning teams since 2000. Here's the list!
Number of total players refers to all players who appeared for the team that year.
* indicates player left team and then returned

2000 New York Yankees: 8.7% - 4 out of 46 (M. Rivera, D. Jeter, J. Posada, B. Williams)
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks: 6.3% - 3 out of 48 (M. Batista*, C. Counsell*, L. Gonzalez)
2002 Anaheim Angels: 24.3% - 10 out of 41 (B. Donnelly, J. Lackey, F. Rodriguez, S. Shields, J. Molina, C. Figgins, A. Kennedy, G. Anderson, D. Erstad, T. Salmon)
2003 Florida Marlins - 5% - 2 out of 40 (D. Willis, M. Cabrera)
2004 Boston Red Sox - 24% - 12 out of 50 (A. Alvarez, L. DiNardo, K. Foulke, C. Schilling, M. Timlin, T. Wakefield, J. Varitek, K. Youkilis, G. Kapler*, T. Nixon, M. Ramirez, D. Ortiz)

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