05 April 2006

Yes, it's true

Your humble writer has been handed his walking papers by TGIF. If you couldn't guess, it came as a bit of a surprise to me. I personally thought things were going quite well between us, and really they were. However, this is where the "relationship is two people" thing kicks in and she decided that she couldn't fully commit the "way I needed her to". So, more or less, she liked me, but not enough to want to become "girlfriend". Apparently, in her mind, I wasn't long-term material for whatever reason. Yes, we have our differences - I tend to like to plan things out, she likes to be more spontaneous; when I like someone, I want to be with them a lot, she is used to being wholly independent. In my mind, not huge differences, but she thinks otherwise.

So, here I am. I have half a mind to give up on this whole relationship business. As I see all my friends pair off in marriages or longterm relationships, yet I continue to get the "I like you, but not enough speech" (4 girls in a row now!) I begin to wonder if its something I'm doing wrong. My friend Ashley seems to think that maybe I'm too nice and girls want the challenge of taming a wild man. I think thats bollocks because all the girls I talk to complain that they can't "meet a nice guy". Hello? Right here, ladies.

Seattle may have run its course with me. Might be time to move on. However, part of me doesn't want to do that because I feel like I'm just wandering from place to place every time something like this happens. Sometimes I think I made some fundamental mistakes that I wish I could take back with certain people, but hey, unless I do anything about it, I guess I'll never know. (Ok, that was odd and vague, eh?)


Hunnypants said...

Mofo, I'm so right. Don't be bollocks-ing me. I think I'm more qualified to know what girls think than you are. Aight?

geobabe said...