08 September 2006

Back from Massachusetts, can't think straight, so only a Top 10

I think the title says it all. Just trying to get my head back into the PDT. Nothing like 4.5 hours on a 737-800. I had the good/bad fortune of getting X-Men: The Last Stand as the movie, which was not very good. That makes me sad considering how much I liked the other two X-Men movies. My conclusion is that Brett Ratner is what you get when you create a hybrid of all the bad things about Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay (which is most of him).


Current iPod Top 10
10 We are the Pipettes - the Pipettes
9 Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
8 Do You Remember? - Cars Can Be Blue
7 Meeting Paris Hilton - Cansei de Ser Sexy
6 Proletariat Blues - Blue Scholars
5 No Culture Icons - the Thermals
4 Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
3 Pull Shapes - the Pipettes
2 We Share Our Mothers' Health - the Knife
1 Insistor - Tapes 'n Tapes


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