14 September 2006

Still working on it ...

I'm trying to find a better time of the day to get in the habit of writing here to at least be more consistent.

It's been a busy week on many fronts. And next week is field trip time! Good geology fun.

Anyway, here's my current top 10

10 Terror! by the Rakes
9 Djuna! by Frida Hyvonen
8 Do You Remember? by Cars Can Be Blue
7 Proletariat Blues by the Blue Scholars
6 Wildcat by Ratatat
5 Pull Shapes by the Pipettes
4 A Pillar of Salt by the Thermals
3 Insistor by Tapes 'n Tapes
2 We Share Our Mothers' Health by the Knife
1 Meeting Paris Hilton by CSS

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