12 September 2006

Who's been a total slacker?

Yes, I've been a total slacker in terms of keeping this thing updated ... In fact, it may need a new name so I don't feel so ashamed that "Shuffle of the Day" should be more accurately portrayed as "Shuffle of the Fortnight". Ah well.

I recently returned from Massachusetts to Davis and finally feel like I'm making some headway into not feeling so transistional. Slowly meeting people here in the department (including someone who's extended family has a house on freaking Wyman Pond in Westminster...weird). I've been playing soccer (just ask my ankle) and hanging with the indie rock kids, so its getting better. I've got the Geology Department Field Trip next week - a surefire way to bond with other geologists: camping, fermented beverages and rocks. Beyond that, I'm just trying to take things with a relaxed (well, for me) attitude and let things come as they may. Which, of course, for those of you who know me well, is sometimes next to impossible.

So, for now, I need to spend my time (a) catching up on TIG reviews; (b) writing my third paper (this should actually be (a) eh?) and (c) being friendly and such. Ah yes.

Oh yeah, and watching the Red Sox fade into the twilight for 2006. Ah well.

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biglou said...

I think your priorities should really be c), b), a), but that's just me.