20 September 2006

Field Trip and Top 10

I'm off to northern California/southern Oregon on the Geology Dept. field trip for the next 4 days. It's a good thing. I can get away from technology, the sorry end of the Red Sox season and everything else. I've been suffering from what I could term as "internet fatigue" lately that has me seriously contemplating plugging the plug on my Myspace & Friendster profiles for good. It seems somewhat of a liberating idea. I mean, can someone give me a real benefit from either of those sites? Ah well. We'll see how I feel after the weekend, but I'm getting to a weird point where I want to simplify ... maybe not getting cable when I moved here was what I needed to get that snowball rolling. Or maybe I'm just getting old, grown-up and bland. That's life, ain't it. Just been a few things in Davis that make me feel like Jarvis Cocker (from Pulp) when he sings "you are the party that makes me feel my age."

Wow. I'm a f&$king ray of sunshine today.

Here is my current iPod Top 10. Enjoy!
10 Proletariat Blues - the Blue Scholars
9 Wildcat - Ratatat
8 Hope There's Someone - Antony & the Johnsons
7 I Was a Lover - TV on the Radio
6 Pull Shapes - the Pipettes
5 Insistor - Tapes 'n Tapes
4 Love Travels Faster - Halo Benders
3 A Pillar of Salt - the Thermals
2 We Share Our Mothers' Health - the Knife
1 Meeting Paris Hilton - CSS

See you next week ...

1 comment:

Jesse said...

Off topic, but do you think the song "Don't feel like dancing" by the Scissor Sisters sounds an awful lot like George Michael?

That being said, it is kinda catchy.