06 March 2007

BP 2007

I got the 602-page Baseball Prospectus 2007 today. Now, if only I could sequester myself with it for the next week. Ah well. I'm sure its got some gems in there and I'll report of them as soon as I get a chance to start reading it. Then again, I've been reading BP 2006 for the last year and I'm still not bored with it so who knows...

Oh yes, and speaking of being a baseball nerd, I'm pretty close to getting XM satellite radio so I can listen to the Red Sox. Now they're on WRKO instead of WEEI (oh boy, I get to trade Dennis & Callahan ads for Rush Limbaugh ads). And I have to say, so far, I am not a big fan of the new Sox broadcaster Glenn Gaffney ... I much prefered good ol' Jerry Trupiano. Bah!

1 comment:

biglou said...

Damn it, I don't get mine until next week! You'll have all the scoops! How will I ever sneak my Erubiel Durazo pick through?