26 March 2007

Imaginary Update!

Haven't really had too much to say lately ... Just too darn busy.

However, a few peripheral bits ...

(1) The new Three Imaginary Girls site is up! Why is this exciting. I now have a daily column on TIG called iPod Roulette, which some of you might find startlingly similar to "Shuffle of the Day". Well, it is, dammit! I'm currently re-running a few SOTD to get up to speed, but look for it to be much more lively and regular than SOTD ever was. Someday soon I'll have a music blog on the website too and maybe even (gasp!) a mailbag. (And I have a bio on the TIG site too.)

(2) I also have 2 new TIG reviews:
The Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
Matt & Kim - Matt & Kim

And for those of you who enjoy it, my current iPod top 10
10 The Ave - Blue Scholars
9 Yeah Oh Yeah (Live) - Tullycraft
8 Decapitated - The Faintest Ideas
7 Paragraphs Relentless - Dalek
6 I Hate Scotland - Ballboy
5 Rachel Says - Campaign for Real Time
4 Scenic World - Beirut
3 Made of Steam - Dengue Fever
2 The Prayer - Bloc Party
1 Did I Step On Your Trumpet? - Danielson


biglou said...

Damn you and your taking the only copy of Blue Scholars at Ameoba! Emily and I went on Saturday, and they had none!
I did buy the Beirut CD, though, which is quite good. Thanks for turning me onto that.

Jesse said...

Wow, might this be the first week in months that "This Sentence will Ruin/Save Your Life - Born Ruffians" isn't on your top 10? How many weeks was it there? I feel honored to have sent you that song :-)