05 January 2008

California, you fall to pieces so fast people get hit by the sharpnel.

My recent trip back to Boston over the holidays made me realize a few things:

(a) I like New England. I dislike most of California.
(b) I miss Dunkin' Donuts (quiet, Louis.)

A recent corollary to all this is the recent storm in California - some wind and rain - that has now knocked out power in my apartment for going on 36 hours. Now, mind you, some branches fell and what not, but if PG&E can't restore power to a 50K+ city after a wind/rain storm in less than 2 days, I can't imagine what would happen if a real disaster happened in California or if they got real weather like blizzards and hurricanes. I've tried calling the oh-so-helpful PG&E "Outage Status" hotline that has provided me this with information so far:

"We know. We have no idea when we'll fix it. F&%k you."

Thanks PG&E!

I feel sorry for California, considering how it falls to pieces after a storm. And how you're saddled with such a slip-shod power company like PG&E. Getting hexavalent Chromium in your water? Easy! Fixing your power outage? Call again later!

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