15 January 2008

TIG Update and a sort-of Top 10

Not much to say today beyond the feeling that I should have more enthusiasm towards seeing Bill Clinton speak in Davis tonight except (a) I have no intention of voting for his wife in the primary and (b) it will be a madhouse. Sorry, I think I might be a lazy, unpolitical American tonight.

Anyway, here is a new TIG review of one of my new favorite bands, the Toothaches from Jamaica Plain, MA. Good, cute stuff:
(And if you order it from the band, they will make it in their kitchen and package it with a bow and all!)

Now, over Christmas I had to wipe my iPod and reload everything, so I lost my playcount. So, my current new playcounts are a little odd, so my Top 10 is equally odd.
1 Avantcore by Busdriver
2 Sophia by the Toothaches
3 Heart It Races by Architecture in Helsinki
4 Over the Rainbow by Rufus Wainwright
5 Einfach Sein by Die Fantastischen Vier
6 Down Boy by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
7 2AM by Thee More Shallows
8 Throw It On Me by Timbaland with the Hives
9 One More Night of This Shall Be the Death of Me by Dichotomy
10 Hunting for Witches by Bloc Party

I'm sure it will change a lot by the time I next post.

Oh yeah, and its less than a month until pitchers and catchers report. How exciting is that? Very, that's how.

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