14 August 2006

"Jesus Built My Hotrod" by Ministry

Shuffle of the Day for 8/14/2006
"Jesus Built My Hotrod" by Ministry from Psalm 69

Every once in a while, I get a spine-tingling sensation when the song comes up, and yes, my friends, today was one of those days. "Jesus Built my Hotrod" has to be in my all-time, top 10 favorite songs. Its hard to explain just why it is, but every time I hear it, I must turn up the volume. I would sing along if I had any idea what guest vocalist Gibby Haynes was singing. The video for it entirely too bizarre for words, but I do love Al (?) sliding off the end of his slide guitar. This song might be the pinnacle of early 90's industrial music, before it was drifted back towards synth-pop by Trent Reznor (that is, until he took his cue from Al and recorded Broken, one of the best 6 industrial songs recorded). Ministry went on to record a lot of bogged down, trivial music after this song, but at least we still have it to remind us that, at one point, Ministry knew how to make music.
A certain times in my life, "Jesus Built My Hotrod" seems like a very fitting song for me, moodwise. Its frantic, panicked and generally evokes a mood of total lack of control. Not that I'm in that sort of situation, per se, but instead whenever I'm frustrated or mad or something akin to that kind of mood, its a great way to work out a lot of anxiety. Its the perfect situational song that never seems to get old to me.

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