21 August 2006

Red Sox and Shuffle of the Day

First things first:

The Red Sox were swept in 5 games but Yankers to put them 6.5 games out in the AL East. Talk about ending the season in a 4 day span. The games were painful to watch, read about, hear mention in passing, etc. Last night was a game that the Red Sox needed to win and should have won, but Timlin & Lopez couldn't help but put Yankers on base. Papelbon tried his best, but ran out of luck (and his ERA is now officially 1.00), but Craig Hansen couldn't make it 3 pitches in the 10th without giving up a run (and was rewarded with a demotion to AAA). However, the real goats have to be Hinske & Mirabelli who couldn't drive in a run from third base with only 1 out (well, 2 outs for Mirabelli). Painful. This is why the Sox need a better #5 hitter.

A few additional comments on the Red Sox.

- The Varitek injury was a killer - Pre-Tek Injury Winning %: .610; Post-Tek Injury Winning %: .263. I know that it could be a coincidence, but that seems like a stretch to me. It's 2001 all over again. Varitek plays such an important (yet undefinable) role on this team in terms of keeping the pitching staff working it seems like a joke to think that Dumpy Doug and Javy Lopez could have any luck keeping this team afloat.

- I wonder if Francona is long for this world. I know at least we need a new pitching coach.


Shuffle of the Day for 8/21/2006
"Yr City's a Sucker" by LCD Soundsystem from LCD Soundsystem.

Wow. I wish I has something to say except that this seems like the perfect song for New York to sing to Boston today. Damn them.


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biglou said...

Different game context (A's up by one), but having just watched the A's get runners on first and third in the seventh, and then watched a strikeout and double-play end the inning with no run scoring, I can feel a milder version of your pain.