10 August 2006

"Monkey Wrench" by the Foo Fighters

Shuffle of the Day for 8/10/06
"Monkey Wrench" by the Foo Fighters from The Colour and the Shape

Somehow, Dave Grohl has ended up with the longest post-Nirvana career. I mean, I guess Kurt took himself out of that loop. To my knowledge, Krist Novaselic busies himself in local Washington politics and flying his private plan around. Dave Grohl, no, he's still a rock star, whether it be with his Foo Fighters, drumming for Queens of the Stone Age, tooling around with Trent Reznor or anything a former grudge star would tend to do. "Monkey Wrench" was the first single from the Foo Fighters second album, a surprisingly well constructed disc that had two of the best songs Dave has done, the aforementioned "Monkey Wrench" and the truly great "Everlong". I'm also amused that "Monkey Wrench" has a very obvious swear in it that I never hear get edited out when its on the radio ("and all the shit/that somehow came along with it" from Grohl's shouted bridge). Most of the more recent Foo Fighters material has sounded, well, uninspired, but heck, Dave already has his place in the rock and roll Hall of Fame waiting, so he's going for the full McCartney career.

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