08 August 2006

Shuffle of the Day, the return

For 8/8/2006
"Meaningless" by Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs
For the mood I'm in today, this song seems fitting. I've been struggling with trying to meet people in a new town. And by that, I put the emphasis on trying because its not something that comes very natural to me. So, although I know I should be going out and trying to get to know the town, I have this fear thats its all meaningless and its not something I can try to make happen. There's really nothing like Stephin Merritt for making you feel okay about, well, pretty much anything, so hey, it might be a fools errand but whatever. He makes "meaningless" sound like fun.



Jesse said...

I *think* one of the folks in 'Magnetic Fields' is the son/daughter of my high school english teacher. I think. Not that it matters, but it's some trivia.

Jesse said...

Ahh! Claudia Gonson on percussion (thanks iTunes store). Ms. Gonson! Junior year 18th and 19th century English Lit! I knew it!

Man I didn't like that class.