09 August 2006

"A Peak in Time" by Cut Chemist

Shuffle of the Day for 8/9/06
"A Peak in Time" by Cut Chemist from The Audience's Listening

I sort of feel bad for Cut Chemist. He made his name producing for the Jurassic 5 when they were cool and indie. Now, they dump him so they can collaborate with who? Dave freaking Matthews. Talk about a total sellout move, you'd think Big Charlie Tuna would know better, but alas, such is not the case apparently. So, on the same day that the J5 released their latest, Cut Chemist-less album (to yawning reviews - 54 score on Metacritic), Cut Chemist released his own record to much better reviews (75). So who gets the last laugh here?
Anyway, this track from Cut Chemist new album is a RJD2 style dance/rock sort of hybrid that is a lot of fun and exhibits a lot more energy than the stuff I've heard from the new J5. It has a little bit of a dated feel, but these days it seems hard for any DJ type artists to not sound dated (unless you got certifiably mad like DJ Shadow). Its a great summer party track, which is good enough for me.

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Jesse said...

ok, time for some 6 degrees of separation, and how this post answered a nagging question in my head:

ok, here's the deal: i heard a song by 'cut chemist' today on xm, and thought that their band name sounded *really* familiar, but i couldn't place it. after a while, i realized it was an Ozomatli song. more specifically, "Cut Chemist Suite" off their 1998 album (i got into it freshman year). turns out their lead singer went on to J5, and their original DJ was Cut Chemist himself (this info courtesy their website). i always thought J5 sounded a lot like Ozo, but never knew the connection.

And Ozo was in a movie with J5, with Kevin Bacon. Hmm... that's only 3 steps.