20 February 2007

2007 Simulations and Predictions

Is it that time of year again?

I've run 160 simulations of the 2007 MLB season on Baseball Mogul and my predictions are out.

And who is my 2007 World Series Pick? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! Woo!

Some comments for your enjoyment:
- The Red Sox finish second in the AL East behind Toronto ... but miss the playoffs again
- Three teams have no Post Season appearances - Tampa and Chicago (AL) (all AL teams ...)
- The team with the great "Standard Deviation" Award? Pittsburgh, who finish below 5th place 61% of the time, yet still has 6% Post Season appearance (plus one WS win!)
- Most wide open division? NL West with 4 teams at >10% chance of winning the division (sorry Colorado).
- Least wide open? NL East ... Mets all the way.
- Kansas City wins the AL Central! (Well, once).
- Most out of the blue WS wins? Washington, Pittsburgh and Texas. Go figure.


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