26 February 2007


A few things today:

(1) I think last quarter was my "practice quarter". Or maybe "spring training quarter". Now, I'm really busy.
(2) The Boston Sports Media has jumped the shark. Just look at the transcript of the press conference today with Manny's agents. Honestly, someone asked Manny is 34 now. Do you think itís time for him to be more accountable instead of being babied like a 12-year-old? and Do you think since he is your meal ticket, you should try to help him grow up?. This is bordering on insanity. Total insanity. This isn't journalism, this is agenda-driven Sports-Talk-Radio garbage. Manny arrived at camp EARLY instead of LATE and they still act like he's just run over a busful of nuns and orphans. No wonder Manny wants to leave ... personally, I don't care what Manny does as long as he continues to hit .300, drive in over 120 runs and hit 30+ HRs. It's that simple, and I know what many, if not most, Sox fans would agree. It's only the blowhards at WEEI that care otherwise.

That's it!

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