07 February 2007

Captains of Industry

So, Americans have bad taste. Thats the conclusion that the music industry has come to apparently. Case in point, the new Bloc Party album, A Weekend in the City. Good, solid disc (a TIG review will likely follow soon). However, in the UK/Rest of the World, the first single from the album was very different than the one they chose for the USA. Mostly, the one for the USA kind of sucks - its bland and uninteresting - but thats what American radio will play.

So, make up your mind for yourself:
UK: The Prayer (It's been on Shuffles before, but I'll repost for this purpose.)
USA: I Still Remember

In other news, you can download the new Bright Eyes single Tourist Trap right here. It's from the new album Cassadaga, due 4/10.


Jesse said...

Nice - I just got hooked on Bloc Party the other day. I'll have to see which song of their I really like... I forget the name of it.

Heard anything by the band "Teddybears"? The music doesn't match the band name, but so far I like their stuff.

Jesse said...

ah, it was "I Still Remember"

Thanks for the video... here's some tour info... looks like you're luckier than I am this go around