06 February 2007

Effective Use of Time

I had fun this morning take an ethics course from my current employer and boy, am I unethical. Ok, maybe not, but I guess unless I'm using every moment I'm here for solely my research, I'm misappropriating! Woo! Ah well.

Over the weekend, we went and saw the Kronos Quartet with Wu Man at the lovely Mondavi Center (however, don't get me started about how student tickets were $8 and non-student [e.g., postdoc] were $26). Kronos was a lot of bizarre fun, including an attempt to play paper and water in a rendition of Ghost Opera, but on the whole, it was a blast (if blasts can be had with a string quartet). However, Susan did inform me that I didn't appreciate their humorous moments involving stereotypical orchestra stuff (like conductors and tuning). Bah!

Not much else except pitchers and catchers report really really soon, so I'll be starting my 2007 simulations in the near future. Good times!

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