21 March 2008

MLB 2008 Predictions, Part 1

With Opening Day around the corner, it is time to break out my official 2008 predictions for the MLB Season.

Methods: I used Baseball Mogul 2008 with a roster file I modified myself to account for all roster moves up to 3/20/2008. I then used the Baseball Prospectus Depth Charts to assign a batting order, rotation and bench for each time. With this roster file set, I simulated the 2008 season 500 times. The results were output to a text file.

I'll have a more indepth analysis of the results, but for your initial entertainment, here are the predicted wins for all teams based on these simulations. I added the PECOTA predictions from Baseball Prospectus as comparison.

More to come this weekend!

1 comment:

biglou said...

Are the BP projected wins only in BP2K8? I cannot find them on the web, and people keep mentioning that they are out there.