03 March 2008

Taking the Pitching or Hitting First Strategies to the Next Level

So, after posting about what sort of fantasy baseball teams you might construct if you pick all pitching or all hitting first, I along with a fellow baseball fan with too much free time decided to try this out over a full season. To that end, we snuck into an ESPN 5x5 10-team roto league and drafted one of each: Pitching-first (me) and Hitting-first (him). We laid out a few rules for the season: (1) no trades; (2) no adding/dropping active hitters or pitchers once the season starts unless the player is injured (on the DL) or demoted/released. That is about it, so with 8 control groups being the other folks who drafted in the league (unbeknownst of our tests), we shall see who's team ends up better at the end of the year. I'll post regular updates/analysis as the season progresses.

Here are the rosters:

Pitching-First (Me)
C G. Soto (CHC)
1B J. Loney (LAD)
2B A. Hill (TOR)
3B E. Longoria (TAM)
SS J. Peralta (CLE)
2B/SS M. Ellis (OAK)
1B/3B T. Glaus (STL)
OF B. Hawpe (COL)
OF J. Franceour (ATL)
OF J. Hamilton (TEX)
OF J. Hermida (FLA)
OF J. Ellsbury (BOS)
U C. Jackson (ARI)
SP J. Santana (NYM)
SP J. Peavy (SD)
SP B. Webb (ARI)
SP J. Beckett (BOS)
SP J. Smoltz (ATL)
SP F. Hernandez (SEA)
RP J. Putz (SEA)
RP F. Rodruguez (LAA)
RP T. Saito (LAD)
B S. Drew (SS - ARI)
B A. Jones (OF - BAL)
B R. Betancourt (RP - CLE)

Hitters-First (him)
C B. McCann (ATL)
1B Ad. Gonzalez (SD)
2B B. Upton (TAM)
3B A. Rodriguez (NYY)
SS C. Guillen (DET)
2B/SS R. Weeks (MIL)
1B/3B N. Swisher (CHW)
OF G. Sizemore (CLE)
OF C. Hart (MIL)
OF P. Burrell (PHI)
OF D. Young (MIN)
OF C. Young (ARI)
U T. Hafner (CLE)
SP M. Cain (SF)
RP B. Lyon (ARI)
RP C. Cordero (WAS)
RP B. Lidge (PHI)
RP B. Ryan (TOR)
RP E. Gagne (MIL)
RP C. Wilson (TEX)
RP K. Wood (CHC)
RP T. Percival (TAM)
B K. Gregg (FLA)
B. A. Iwamura (TAM)
B. M. Bourn (PHI)

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