30 March 2008

More Opening Day Baseball...

A few thoughts after watching Atlanta-Washington on Opening Day #2:

- Why are they playing "Sweet Caroline" in the 8th at Nationals Park? Are the Nats trying to grab some of that Red Sox mojo?
- And you wonder why it is referred to as the "Red Sox Nation".

Remember folks, the "Red Sox Nation" doesn't refer to fans not from New England who have jumped on the bandwagon. It does not refer to the Red Sox being "America's Team". It refers to all the expatriate New Englanders all over the U.S. who support the team. So there.
- Jon Rauch came into the game in the 9th to get the save for the Nationals ... even with Chad Cordero warming. What's the deal? Is Cordero hurt? Uh oh.
- It's fun to watch players figure out how the ball plays in a new park. Kearns played one poorly in the 9th and McCann got tagged out at 2nd earlier in the game thinking a single was a double.

1 comment:

adam said...

I always thought they were called the Red Sox nation because they were easily identified with a set of common characteristics: worn out B hat, strange accent, boarish and rabid baseball fans.

As much as it pains me, I'm picking them to win the WS too, but I am certainly no member of the nation.

I will however sing sweet caroline at Fenway.