23 March 2008

Predictions, Part IV: The Playoffs and Awards

Here's what I've talked about so far:

- Total wins
- American League summary
- National League summary

Now, let's wrap things up...

The Playoffs
Based on finish and total wins, the matchups looks like ...

AL Division Series(with winner in bold and % wins in the first round in parentheses).
Detroit (21.1%) vs. Los Angeles (13.6%)
Boston (17.2%) vs. Cleveland (18.0%)
The surprise here is Cleveland, the wild card team, taking out Boston. It is real close (<1% difference), but hey, that is how it goes.
NL Division Series
New York (17.0%) vs. Chicago (13.8%)
Colorado (12.4%) vs. Atlanta (11.4%)
Colorado takes out Atlanta by a nose.

AL Championship Series(winners in bold, championship win % in parentheses.)
Detroit (13.0%) vs. Cleveland (7.0%)
New York (10.6%) vs. Colorado (6.0%)
The odd thing here is that Detroit might win more ALCS, but Cleveland actually wins more World Series (12.6 to 9.4%), so go figure, stats like this can be odd sometimes.

World Series (winner in bold, World Series win % in parentheses.)
Detroit (9.4%) vs. New York (15.6%)

Yes, meet your 2008 World Champion New York Mets. Even if Cleveland did make the World Series, New York would have a 3% advantage on them anyway.

Player Awards
My picks, based somewhat on the simulation results...

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera (3B - Detroit)
NL MVP: David Wright (3B - New York)
AL Cy Young: Josh Beckett (Boston)
NL Cy Young: Jake Peavy (San Diego)
AL Rookie of the Year: Daric Barton (1B - Oakland)
NL Rookie of the Year: Kyosuke Fukudome (OF - Chicago)

And that's that. If you have any picks for winners/losers/awards, feel free to post them here!

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