21 October 2005

Baseball Musings 10/20/2005

As seen below: Chisox in 7.

I, for one, am impressed with the Chisox 4 straight CG wins in the ALCS. Ozzie Guillen is the coaching equivalent of last year's Red Sox Idiots.

Some coaching moves:
Leo Mazzone (Pitching Coach) to Baltimore - Never has so much press been dedicated to a pitching coach. And (almost) rightly so. At least he spurned the Yankers who, if we're lucky, will hire Steve Howe as their next pitching coach. What is Steinbrenner's obsession with hiring former Yankee players as coaches? I'm also perplexed by these coach-for-player moves. Atlanta acquired minor league pitcher Moises Hernandez from Baltimore in exchange for Mazzone. How does that make Leo feel when Big Lou Piniella cost Tampa Bay a pretty good major league outfielder (in the form of Randy Winn, who has now turned into Jesse Foppert and Yorvit Torrealba for Seattle).

Joe Girardi (Manager) to Florida - Maybe they're looking for some Eric Wedge magic, but heck, if the new qualification to manage is "Yankees bench coach," the Marlins ownership might have wanted to check with Baltimore about their previous manager, former Yankees bench coach Lee Mazzilli. I get the impression they weren't too happy with him.

Dale Sveum (Third Base Coach) to Milwaukee - Gasp! Does this leave an opportunity for the return of Wendell "Wave 'em in" Kim to Boston? *edit - Sadly, the answer is no. Sox announced DeMarlo Hale as the new third base coach. Hale spent the last few years as the same for the Texas Rangers.

Brian Price (Pitching Coach) to Arizona - Musical pitching coaches these days. Hopefully he'll have better luck with Halsey, Valverde and the other young Arizona pitchers than he did in Seattle with Meche, Piniero, Soriano, etc.

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