31 October 2005

Baseball Musings 10/31/05, Part II

Well, the Red Sox got a trick they sorely didn't need today. Even after the Boston Globe reported the deal done, Theo Epstein resigned as GM of the Red Sox. Supposedly his office is empty and he's left Fenway Park. I'm sure the Boston media will have a lot of speculating to do about how this happened, but most signs point to Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino, who seems to like to drive people out of town. But we may never know what caused Epstein, the GM that brought the Sox back to the promised land, to resign. Will the Red Sox continue to follow the "Moneyball" philosophy? Or have they returned to the Yawkey-era "bow to the players" mantra? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Read the Globe article that supposedly pushed Theo over the edge.

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biglou said...

As Schill says, it can't make the team better to lose Epstein. The Sox need to hire Bowa away from the Yankers! Pat Gillick! dePO! It comes full circle if they hire dePO! Boo-ya!