21 October 2005

Music Update 10/21/2005

So, here are some of my recent additions to Ipod-land:

Xiu Xiu - La Foret : 4/5 - If you want to be frightened and sad, you'll love this. Think Bjork meets Aphex Twin and Bright Eyes.
Fiery Furnaces - Rehearsing My Choir: 3/5 - Oddly quaint.
Adam & the Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier: 4/5 - Classic. Dirty.
Metric - Live It Out: 3.5/5 - Less dancy, more rocky. Emily is great though.
Franz Ferdinand - You Can Have it So Much Better: 5/5 - Mere brilliance, that's all.

Some new tracks I enjoy these days:
Madonna - Hang Up - See earlier post. Oddly hyponotic. You can hear it on her website.
Bloc Party - Two More Years - More gems. Like a freaking mine. You can watch the video for "Two More Years" along with a bunch of other Bloc Party stuff on their website
Interpol - Slow Hands (Dan the Automator Remix) - Still good stuff 1 year down the road. (Preview in the iTunes store)
Keane & Faultline - Goodbye Yellowbrick Road - Sadly, quite good. (Preview in the iTunes store)
The Strokes - Juicebox - Not to be picky, but this seems a bit like the Strokes trying to catch up with Franz Ferdinand. Mind you, not a bad song, just, well, pedestrian. Luckily you can judge for yourself in the news section of the Strokes website.

Future versions will have more details, but Lauren is impatient today.
If you're bored, you can read my latest reviews on the excellent Three Imaginary Girls.
Stellastarr* - Harmonies for the Haunted
Feist - Let It Die

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LDR said...

In the land of east coast clocks, watches and schedules to which we (and by we I mean those in the world whose ions are subject to external controls) all adhere, the day is nearly spent-- you've gotta keep up with the rest of us. next time I want your friday post up by noon EST!