26 October 2005

World Series Musings -- Chisox Wins!

Congratulations Chicago White Sox!

If this was not one of the most dominant runs in the postseason, I don't know what is. 11-1 with 4 CG and 2 sweeps. Jeez. So now the Cubs must bear the burden of the uber-curse.

Game 4 was a great game for people who like baseball. Backe and Garcia were on fire (although Buck and McCarver only seem to notice Backe ... more on them below): they just made hitters on both sides look goofy. It wasn't until Lidge came in that the Chisox squeaked their way through with Willie Harris and Jermaine "MVP" Dye. The Astros offense just shut down, no hits in the last 29 AB in Game 4 and no runs in over 13 innings over Games 3 and 4. Jermaine Dye might have been the best Free Agent signing of 2005, and after no one really wanted him, he goes and has the highest BA in the World Series ever (.438) and topped it off with the World Series MVP. He deserves it.

In the Astros defense, Brandon Backe was great and he will be great in 2006. One thing to ponder: Brandon Backe was acquired by the Astros in a trade with for ... yes, Geoff Blum. Now, if this trade doesn't happen, do the Astros win the Series? Blum doesn't hit the HR in game 3, Astacio starts Game 4 for the 'Stros and Wandy Rodriguez throws in the 14th in Game 3. Hmmmm... OK, maybe not.

Back to the White Sox: How clutch was Juan "Mr. October" Uribe defensively? In the ninth inning, not only did he dive into the stands to get the 2nd out, but he also made an amazing grab on the bouncer over Jenks head to throw out Orlando Palmiero. Combine that with his great throw in the bottom of the 8th and he should get an assist for Jenks' save of Game 4. (As Peter Gammons said "The role of Derek Jeter tonight will be played by..." Of course, I think any comparision to Jeter is an insult to Uribe).

By the way, notice how eerily similar Game 4 of 2005 ended to Game 4 of 2004? Man on second, 2 out, bouncer back to the mound. Jenks didn't have the vertical to snowcone it like Foulke did last year, but the result was the game. Sox win the series. (Just no eclipse this evening). First back-to-back sweeps by different teams since 1989/1990 (Cincinnati and Oakland).

So again, congratulations to the Chicago White Sox. "Chicago, go crazy!" as the Chisox radio guys said at the end of the game.

(P.S. McCarver and Buck are TERRIBLE. McCarver just repeats himself over and over and over. How many times did he say that Garner hoped that Ensburg would "run into one" to break his slump. Then, to top it off, in the 9th, McCarver said something to the effect of "The Astros have advanced men to 2nd, to 3rd, but not home." Well, duh, the game was 1-0 White Sox. Thank you Announcer Obvious. Joe Buck just lapped up McCarver's garbage all night long. At least I read that Fox's contract is up next year. We can only hope.)

(P.S. #2 Will Guillen retire? Remember he did say he would retire if the Chisox won the Series. Hmmm.)

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Jesse said...

I said the same thing to Tew about the last play of game 4 in '04 and '05. Bounce by the mound, toss to first. Ok so it was a bit faster this year than last, but still. Plus my heart was still beating this year, whereas last year it took a hiatus for a solid 45 minutes leading up to and following that play.

Congrats to the ChiSox, they deserve it. And one final "you suck" to the Yankees... this season just proves that it's not about who has the most money anymore. Long time overdue, if you ask me.