28 October 2005

Baseball Musings 10/28/2005

First things first: it's the offseason!

And considering I'm always looking for lists like this, here are the 206 players eligible for free agency. Players must file before 11/10. Among the 62 who filed on the first day were Paul Konerko (1B), Billy Wagner (RP), Kevin Millar (1B, RF), Bill Mueller (3B), Benjie Molina (C), Mike Piazza (C/1B) and A.J. Burnett (SP).

A few players exercised their options or had their team option exercised for 2006, including (player option) Moises Alou, Ray Durham, LaTroy Hawkins and (team option) Jason Schmidt and Randy Winn (sorry San Fran, you're not getting any younger).

GM Watch
Red Sox: Looks like Theo Epstein could sign by today. Like I said, the non-story of the year (well, possibly after the idea that Karl Rove could be indicted. He makes teflon look sticky). Oh yes, and note to the Red Sox management: I also have a degree in history from a small liberal arts school, i.e., prime Assistant GM material. Meanwhile...

Diamondbacks: Red Sox Assistant GM Josh Byrnes will be named GM. Again, another younger whipper-snapper taking the helm of a team. With the Jon Daniels being named GM of the Rangers, I think the average age of new GM this offseason is 32.5 years old.

Stadium Name Watch
For those of you who don't keep up with Money Magazine, SBC Communications and AT&T recently merged. What does this mean to you? Well, San Francisco's SBC Park (formerly Pac Bell Park) will likely change it's name again. I can't wait! Combine that with the name changes for the Oakland-Alameda/Network Associates/MacAfee Coliseum in Oakland, and the Bay Area is leagues ahead in ridiculous stadium name changes.

Favorite news wire article headline
It speaks for itself:
Schmuck becomes BBWAA president.

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