21 October 2005

Hyvaa Paivaa! En puhu soumea? Anteeksi!

Well, enough with introductions I say.

A few parting shots across the bow:

1. Yes, Joe Morgan should be fired. So should Skip Bayless. So should Steve Lyons. So should Joe Buck. So should Tim McCarver. *edit - How did I forget my current enemy #1, none other than the poor man's Joe Morgan, Ryne Sandberg. Somebody explain why these HOF 2B are such terrible analysts?
2. You heard it here first: Chisox in 7, walkoff by Iguchi. We'll all have Iguchi Fever right before the Avian Flu.
3. You heard it here, well, maybe third or fourth: Manny stays in Boston. However, Foulke doesn't. If Epstein learned anything from Billy Beane is that closers are a dime a dozen. (Oh yes, this means Epstein stays too).
4. Madonna + ABBA = good. The math seems flawed, but I can't find the error.
5. Tom DeLay makes Ollie North looks like saint-material. Mark my words, DeLay has no soul, or, at least, possibly Dick Cheney's resold soul.
6. If I hear another "Houston we have a problem" play of any sort in relation to the World Series, I will be violently ill. It's almost as bad as the "Manny being Manny" pandemic.

Thats all for now.

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