14 November 2005

All MVP Votes

It's always fun to look at the complete AL MVP voting. Never thought you would live in a world where Jorge Cantu got an MVP vote? AL ROY Huston Street got the same number of votes as AL Cy Young Winner Bartolo Colon? Colon, in fact, got 56 fewer MVP points than Cy Young also-ran Mariano Rivera. Heck, even Bob Wickman got 2 points...And the until now unknown "Corey Sizemore" got 3 points. Ah well.

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biglou said...

That's it, I'm renaming my D-ray's Center Fielder from Ed Taylor to Corey Sizemore. Wait, isn't Ed Taylor the prof. emeritus in field geology or something at OSU? Maybe I'll have to rename Jack Creek or John Parker.