01 November 2005

Theo Musing 11/1/05

Who would have thought that this failed trade may have brought down the Sox and Epstein.

To Boston: Larry Bigbie, Ryan Sheely
To Colorado: Kelly Shoppach, Abe Alvarez, Adam Stern

It seems now that Theo just didn't want the pressure and agony of running his childhood team. As a friend of mine said "Why would anyone turn down 1.5 million per to do a job most baseball fans would do for free?" I suppose that speaks volumes about why Theo might have walked away. Fans like us would do it for free because its perceived to be a fun job, like running your fantasy team, but in Boston, where the media is constantly hounding every little move ("How dare they not bring up Roberto Petagine? Theo is a idiot" seems familiar), the joy and excitement of running the Sox must have been lost. I hope Theo finds a situation more to his liking, but we'll always be thankful for what he brought to New England after so many other people failed.

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