04 November 2005

Music Musings 11/4/2005

Oh yes, I'm supposed to write about music too!

New to my iPod:
Wedding by Annie - I heart Annie. I don't know why. I just do. This track from her DJ Kicks album is much less poppy and more clubby, which is good.
Tanglewood Numbers by Silver Jews - There is just something enjoyable about this rootsy/country indie rock. See my upcoming review on TIG.
The Campfire Headphase by Boards of Canada - Honestly, I haven't spent much time with this yet. I will.
One Way Ticket... by the Darkness - Yes, new Darkness. They must have subliminal suggestion in all their songs, as I can't find a single reason why I like them so much.
My Boyfriend's Back by the Raveonettes - Cute.
Play by David Banner - Can someone explain to me how this is a Top 40 hit? It's got to be the raunchiest song I've heard since Flower by Liz Phair. Man, it just makes me blush when I'm driving.

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Jesse said...

I've been listening to Annie also - VERY good stuff. Check out the song Anniemal too.

biglou said...

Jennifer was just asking me a couple days ago if I had ever heard of Fiery Furnaces, and I said no, but you probably had. I was right.