19 November 2005

Baseball musings 11/19/05

Well, a day late (it's been a bad week), but here is a little baseball update...

Endless Red Sox GM Search - Yes, the search goes on and on ... and on ... and on ... and on. Second interviews for Jim Beattie and Jim Bowden, first interview for Dave Wilder. Will it never end? We'll see...

Cameron-for-Nady - Pads acquired Mike Cameron for Xavier Nady. My question: how long is Cameron's stay in SD, especially considering all the Wells-to-SD rumors.

Marlon Anderson signs with the Nats - Sounds like a rich man's Jamie Carroll to me.

Scott Eyre cashes in - Get an MVP vote, and cash in with the Cubbies for 2 years/$11 million. Not bad for a middle relief pitcher with a career ERA of >4.00. Ah, how easy it is to separate an MLB owner from his money.

Jason Bay signs 4 yr/$18.25M contract - Finally, the Pirates made a move that has them thinking about the future. Maybe this is the first step to take Pittsburgh out of the basement of the NL.

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