16 November 2005


Albert Pujols finally won his MVP after 4 years of Barry as MVP. Good for him!
Andruw Jones and Derrek Lee also got first place votes for the NL MVP.

A look at the final voting reveals some interesting things as well, such as Houston players are speckled throughout the list (Ensburg, Berkman, Clemens, Oswalt, Pettitte and Lidge all got votes). David Eckstein outpolled Roger Clemens. But what I find most interesting is that Scott Eyre got votes for MVP. When was the last time a middle relief/setup pitcher for a sub .500, non-playoff team got an MVP vote? My guess is never.

Red Sox GM Search - The fiasco continues, as candidates are dropping out like flies. Dayton Moore pulled his candidancy even after getting a second interview. What's the deal? Are the Red Sox that uninteresting/messed up after winning the World Series?

That crazy Scott Boras - The Boston Globe website is reporting rumors that Johnny Damon might be asking for ... wait for it ... SEVEN YEARS/$84 MILLION. Yes, that Johnny Damon. Good luck with that. You and Rafael "$50 Million" Furcal can enjoy sitting around waiting for what you deserve.

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